K-H Residence – unbuilt

This inter-generational residence is divided into distinct parts – the main house, a smaller attached unit for aging parents, and a suite situated above the main house with a separate entrance for an adult son. The three units are linked together by a common kitchen and a tulsi court.

The home has been designed for the temperate climate of Bangalore. Shaded verandahs run along the edges where the house can be opened out to the elements, blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside.  The principles of passive solar design and sustainability have been followed; thick south and west walls with smaller openings and large overhangs keep out the heat and glare, while ensuring good ventilation. The living areas are set towards the north and the east side of the house.

A rainwater trench set along the site boundary leads to two man-made wells on the site, which will ensure that the house remains self-sufficient for water all year round.